A nourishing practice incorporating therapeutic yoga and somatic movements which are slow and mindful- encouraging self-healing through increased body awareness.

Instead of stretching, which can be painful and short-term, somatic yoga uses the pandiculation technique to reprogram muscles to their optimal length in a resting position – thus relieving chronically tight muscles and pain. These restorative sequences, called Somatic Movement Flows, are ideal for unwinding stiff muscles, relieving pain and improving postural imbalances and flexibility in ways superior and safer than stretching. My yoga classes often incorporate somatic movements – however if you would prefer a completely somatic experience, contact me for your own tailored yoga session.

Available Classes:

  • All bookings are subject to confirmation of the time slot.

In our Studio sessions we will be socially distanced.

NOTES: In the event of cancellation being required due to change of pandemic restrictions you will receive a credit for a future class.

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