Qigong is a set of slow and gentle movements which work with the mind, body and breath to develop balance, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular and neurological health. By harnessing the mind, body and breath, we are able to work effectively with our energy (qi).

As the movements are so gentle and easy to perform, they can be performed by people of all ages including those of advanced years who want to maintain their physical capabilities for as long as they can. Qigong is also used by martial artists to enhance their performance. In fact, qigong is often referred to as a form of TaiChi. However, whereas Tai Chi is a form of qigong, not all  qigong is Tai Chi – it is much more than that as it can be applied to every area of daily life, not just to the martial arts. Qigong is sometimes referred to as “Chinese Yoga” (as opposed to” Indian yoga” which is what the Chinese call yoga). One of the most common applications of qigong, though, is in healing. Tuning into the flow of energy within your body and directing with movement and breath is a powerful form of self-healing – removing blockages and creating the conditions for health and balance within. Personally, I can share with you that, whilst ill with Covid for two months, what got me out of bed and on the road to recovery was qigong.

In our Online sessions you will be taught live and direct via Zoom.

Available Classes:

  • Monday
    • 9:00am – 10:00am (Online)

In our Online sessions you will be taught live and direct via Zoom.

NOTES: In online sessions please ensure that you have downloaded and installed Zoom before the lesson starts to ensure fewer problems in virtual class participation.