The best Yoga class around

“The best Yoga class around! I love it! Diana is so knowledgeable and patient. She holds the class in her large, open-plan loft room which is perfect and you have the option to Pay as you go or book/pay online.”

Diana’s class is the best yoga class

“Diana’s class is the best yoga class I have been too. This is due to Diana as a teacher, the class is relaxing and full filling. Each class is slightly different and is adapted to the pupils who attend. Diana has a wealth of knowledge and shares this through out the class. “

Diana’s classes are excellent

“Diana’s classes are excellent. She’s a very good teacher and always keen to adapt exercises to those in the class.”

I am so enjoying your classes

“Hi Diana – I am so enjoying your classes. They are fantastic. Many thanks.”

Diana is a great Yoga enthusiast

“Diana is a great Yoga enthusiast, teacher and communicator. As a Yoga novice I have learnt so much about the balance of the body and mind during her classes and well as now being able to touch my toes!. The pace and individual attention is outstanding and would wholeheartedly recommend her class.”

Lovely to take time to slow down

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to join Diana’s yoga classes. Being a regular runner and cyclist it is lovely to take the time to slow down the pace of my usual exercise routine and gently stretch the muscles that have been doing lots of the hard work during the week. It is one of the highlights of my week – I love it!”

Delightful class

“This is a delightful class – with an excellent, careful and intuitive teacher. Diana ensures that we all have a good stretch, exercise all our muscles and come out feeling 2 inches taller than when we arrived. What more could one ask?”